The best snooker facilities in Surrey.

When you join, you’ll gain access to three Championship standard tables that will immediately start to improve your game. That’s because both tables are heated, making them faster, truer and easier to play on.

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They also have steel block, Eureka vacuum cushions. That means the balls are going to behave exactly as you meant them to. You’ve probably been playing on club tables with wood-block cushions which are prone to warping. Imagine how that changes the way your shots react. 

You’ll also benefit from playing on Strachan number 10 anti-kick cloth – the finest cloth that is used at all major tournaments – replaced at least every eight months. You will be able to play with more finesse right away.

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Finally, our snooker room is air-conditioned to keep the temperature and humidity at just the right level for playability and comfort.

The finest snooker balls

We supply Aramith Tournament Champion 1g snooker balls on our championship table. The weight of each ball is matched to within 1g of every other ball on the table.  The balls are machine-washed every day and replaced regularly.

The finest snooker chalk

We also supply Taom Chalk 2.0. Known and respected for its anti-kick properties, Taom chalk lasts twice as long as regular chalk, gives a much better grip on the ball and leaves fewer marks on either the ball or the cloth.

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