Snooker coaching in Surrey

Level-up your game with a WPBSA* coach

*World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association

The key to taking your game to the next level is to invest in yourself, and the fastest route to the performance you want is to hire a great coach.

Finding it hard to reach the next level, or just starting out?

Meet our resident coach, Gareth White.

Whatever your level, there will always be aspects of your game that a good coach can help you improve.

Gareth is a 128-break man and regular practice partner for the legendary Jimmy White MBE. He coaches players of all abilities and offers single lessons that focus on a particular topic as well as structured courses.

All courses start with a free 15-minute personal consultation, after which they are tailored to suit your own needs and abilities.

Coaching costs just £50 per hour (members receive a 20% discount) and takes place on Monday to Friday. Weekend lessons can be arranged.

Members can book coaching with Gareth online via the members’ lounge “Book a Table” button.

Book 5 one-hour lessons, get a 6th free

Explore some typical course content in the flip boxes below. Depending on your ability and how quickly you learn, your tailored course may contain a mix of these modules.

Snooker coaching helps beginners form the right habits

New players

Form good habits right from the start.

Typical content

Grip, stance and bridge hand

Delivering the cue

Sighting and alignment

Pre-shot routine

How to break-off

Managing expectations

Keeping your eye on the pot improves accuracy.

Intermediate players

Take your skills to the next level.

Typical content

Understanding cue ball control

The effect of spin

The effect of power

Introduction to safety play

Introduction to rest play

Introduction to tactics

Snooker coaching can help a player with break-building

Advanced players

Learn how to think and play like a pro.

Typical content

Applying side spin

Understanding "throw"

Break-building and shot selection

Advanced safety play

How to think like a century-break player

Game psychology

Dev 2

As someone very new to snooker, I really struggled to cue and pot anything consistently. I decided to have a couple of coaching sessions with Gareth where we went over the basics of my cue action, the pre-shot routine and potting angles. In a short space of time, my game has been transformed and I'm improving at a rapid pace thanks to Gareth.

Dev Verma

Our visiting professional.

Visiting coach, Brian Cox, is a WPBSA level 3 and SightRight accredited coach who has worked with the very best. He is also a former professional player. 

Lessons with Brian can cover every topic up to professional level.

Brian coaches at Surrey Snooker Academy on Mondays, Tuesdays and occasional Saturdays.

Brian Cox provides the best snooker coaching in Surrey for those looking to improve their game

Book your free consultation

Well done for coming this far on your path to better snooker. 

During your consultation we’ll assess your current level of ability and plan a series of modules that will help you reach the level you want.

Alternatively, I’ll just listen to your specific requirements and work on them with you over as many lessons as you want.

Just pop your contact details in the boxes below along with any time you might like (Monday to Saturday, 12:00 – 20:00) and we will be in touch.

Thank you!

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