Snooker coaching in Surrey

Are you looking to level-up?

The key to taking your game to the next level is to invest in yourself, and the fastest route to the performance you want is to hire a great coach.

For the best snooker coaching in Surrey, book a session with former World Snooker Tour professional, Brian Cox.

Whether you’re a beginner, club player or seasoned pro, Brian’s 25 years of experience will help you reach a higher level.

You’ll benefit from the latest coaching techniques enjoyed by the stars of the game and get priceless tips from a player who has represented his country and coached amateur and professional snooker and pool champions.

Brian charges £50 per hour, discounted for Surrey Snooker Academy members.

Just starting out?

Here's 1 thing you can do to improve right now.

If you’ve just taken up snooker, welcome! Prepare to be hooked.

You’ll often hear people say how the professionals make it look like an easy game.

Yes, they do, and, no… it isn’t. But it is easy enough to develop some good habits that will really pay off as you learn how to play.

All it takes is for someone to guide you through your first few hours at the table.  

Co-founder of West Byfleet’s Surrey Snooker Academy, Gareth White, is the ideal snooker partner to help you set out on the right path.

A 98-break man, Gareth offers coaching for beginners and assisted practice for intermediate players at £30 per hour, discounted for Surrey Snooker Academy members. Click below to find out more.

Snooker coaching in Surrey isn't just for adults

For tomorrow's stars,

or just for a great way to entertain your kids.

Snooker promotes dexterity, analytical skills, problem-solving and mathematical ability. Exactly what you want for your kids, we’re guessing!

It also provides a highly sociable way to pass the time, for kids and parents alike.

Brian Cox hosts regular Saturday kids clubs at the Academy. The kids get 90 minutes of snooker fun for £12 each, whilst the Mums and Dads can enjoy coffee (or something stronger) in the adjacent bar.