A high class snooker venue located in leafy
West Byfleet, Surrey.

Academy manager Gareth White playing snooker

In our high class snooker venue members can choose between two pristine antique Burroughes and Watts heated tables. Very few local snooker clubs offer tables as good as these, which professionals regard as the ultimate playing surface. Read our blog about why heated tables are so good.

Both tables have pockets cut to match-play dimensions, giving even the best club players a proper challenge that replicates the experience of playing in a pro tournament. They also have steel block, Eureka vacuum cushions, ensuring a true bounce in all temperatures, with minimum noise and vibration . Most club tables only use wood block cushions which are far less durable, prone to warping and inconsistent.

Our playing area is air-conditioned to keep the humidity in the room at the optimum levels for playability.

Finally, both tables are covered in Strachan number 10 anti-kick cloth – the finest cloth that is used at all major tournaments. We replace our cloths at least every eight months. All in all you won’t find a better playing experience outside of the professional circuit.

Next generation playing equipment

The finest snooker balls

We supply Aramith Tournament Champion 1g snooker balls on our championship table. The weight of each ball is matched to within 1g of every other ball on the table.  The balls are machine-washed every day and replaced regularly.

The finest snooker chalk

We also supply Taom Chalk 2.0. Known and respected for its anti-kick properties, Taom chalk lasts twice as long as regular chalk, gives a much better grip on the ball and leaves fewer marks on either the ball or the cloth.

Video game-play analysis

Wall-mounted TV screens give our members the ability to capture their play on their smart phone cameras and analyse their technique and tactics within moments of making the shot.

The same technology is used by Brian Cox, our resident pro, during his coaching sessions.

Electronic scoreboards

Miscounts are a thing of the past with our wall-mounted electronic scoreboards.

Regular tournaments

Whether it’s our frequent weekend knockout tournaments or annual league competition, nothing improves performance like match-play.

All members receive a handicap which ensures a level playing-field.


Our hosts

The Surrey Snooker Academy is hosted by the Camphill Social Club. Access to the Academy is possible through our own security-coded door at the rear of the premises or via the club’s events room.

Membership of the Surrey Snooker Academy automatically confers membership of the social club for those over 18.

Click on the logo for more information about the Camphill Social Club: