Why do we play snooker? 7 great reasons for taking up the game.

Watching the legends is one answer to the question Why do we play snooker

Ask a climber why they want to take on a mountain and they’re likely to tell you they do it “because it’s there”. At least, that’s what Mallory said over a hundred years ago. Ask a snooker player “why do we play snooker” and you might get an equally bemused response. It’s not a question […]

Snooker and mental health

The link between snooker and mental health is known to be positive

Snooker and mental health: how the game gave me my most important break in 30 years I came to understand the link between snooker and mental health during the Pandemic. At one of the lowest points in my life, the game came to my rescue. From those reclusive, anxious, long-ago weeks I’ve emerged into full-health […]

3 ways tuition improves mental health

Tuition improves mental health

Tuition is good for you. In another article I touched upon the various psychological benefits of playing the game of snooker. As enjoyable as our wonderful game is, we all know how difficult and frustrating it can be, especially when we focus all of our attention on the result. In this post I want to […]

5 psychological benefits of playing snooker

Judd Trump appearing to enjoy the psychological benefits of playing snooker

The psychological benefits of playing snooker might not be obvious when you consider the number of professional snooker players who have struggled with their mental health (Mark Selby, Mark Allen and Ronnie O’Sullivan to name but three). Indeed, you could be forgiven for thinking that playing snooker does very little for your psychological well-being. If, […]

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