Which snooker cloth is best? 5 important facts to consider

Knowing which snooker cloth is best helps you choose the right club

Fact. The best snooker is played on the best playing surface. But which snooker cloth is best? There are five things to consider when it comes to playing on a cloth that will help you get the best out of your game. Understanding which snooker cloth is best: table of contents What is snooker cloth […]

3 reasons why heated snooker tables help you play better.

Burroughes and Watts heated snooker table

We heat our Burroughes and Watts tables to a constant 40 C – 50 C. That’s because we know what the professionals know; heated snooker tables improve your performance. Buy why? Heated snooker tables create predictable ball movement Being essentially large, flat pieces of rock, snooker table slates absorb the temperature of their surroundings. In […]