Cue tips and ferrules – 4 important things snooker players need to know

Choosing appropriate cue tips and ferrules has a big effect on a snooker player's game

You probably put a lot of thought into your choice of snooker cue (read our blog on snooker cues if you’re about to buy one), but have you considered the effect cue tips and ferrules will have on your game? Three times World Champion, Mark Williams, is known for preferring a rock-hard tip on his […]

The 10 most common snooker mistakes club players make

Recognising the 10 most common snooker mistakes will help you improve your game

Knowing the most common snooker mistakes will help club players avoid them. Here, we present a list of the 10 most common mistakes in the order they occur as a shot is being played. 1. Not having a consistent pre-shot routine The first thing to note is that there isn’t a model pre-shot routine an […]

Which snooker cloth is best? 5 important facts to consider

Knowing which snooker cloth is best helps you choose the right club

Fact. The best snooker is played on the best playing surface. But which snooker cloth is best? There are five things to consider when it comes to playing on a cloth that will help you get the best out of your game. Understanding which snooker cloth is best: table of contents What is snooker cloth […]

Snooker legends brilliantly recreate their 1985 final

Snooker legends Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor put on a great show

Oh, what a night, as Frankie Valli might say. On 3rd November 2022, snooker legends Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor treated Surrey Snooker Academy members and their guests to a wonderful evening of snooker, laughter and all-round entertainment. Here’s how the event came about: Finding a table fit for two snooker legends The story of […]

1 good reason why snooker players tap their middle fingers.

why snooker players tap their middle fingers

AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE BRIDGE HAND: It’s a weird world when what people seem to want Google to tell them is why snooker players tap their middle fingers. Shaun Murphy’s tweet might have started it all off. Most of the speculation seems to be that it calms the nerves in some way but who knows? […]

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