2024 European Championships

Starts 14/6/2024: Group stage ends 28/16/2024 4 – frame matches

Top 2 from each group plus best four third-place qualify for knockout stage. Frames won will be used to separate ties.

Round of 16 to be played between 29/6/2024 and 4/7/2024 – 7 frame matches

Quarter-finals to be played between 5/7/2024 and 8/7/2024 – 7 frame matches

Semi-finals to be played between 9/7/2024 and 13/7/2024 – 7 frame matches

Final to be played as close to 14th July as possible – 7 frame match

Win = 3 pts, Draw = 1 pt, Loss = 0 pts, Frame won = 1 pt

Goal scored 2 pts, goal conceded -1 pt, own-goal -1pt, red card -2 pts. Missed match -2 pts

AJames G (Germany)3012451318
ASteve (Switzerland)3111610717
AIan Mc (Hungary)3120712-111
AJoe (Scotland)3120712-57
BJordan (Italy)3210815217
BDev (Spain)3111261016
BSarosh (Albania)3201511112
BBilly the Bubble (Croatia)300311-10
CColm (Slovenia)3201713215
CDazza (Serbia)2200612-210
COmkar (Denmark)30124527
CZiggy (England)20113415
DIan B (Netherlands)33001019321
DStephen (Austria)3111711718
DOli (France)30123437
DGareth (Poland)302146-15
ELevi (Belgium)33001120323
EDan H (Slovakia)3201713215
EJamie (Ukraine)31024707
EOwen (Romania)30032257
FTom Mc (Portugal)3201612719
FAndy (Georgia)3201814418
FEireann (Turkey)3111610414
FCarl (Czech Rep)301245-41
Best 3rd Place
EEireann (Turkey)3111610414
BSarosh (Albania)3201511112
AIan Mc (Hungary)3120712-111
FJamie (Ukraine)31024707
COmkar (Denmark)30124527
DGareth (Poland)302144-15
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