2023 Scratch Knockout League

Starts 1/8/22 Ends 31/12/2023

6 frame matches You may only play the same player 2 times.

League stage runs to 30/11/23

Top 4 into knockout semi-final – 1st v 4th, 2nd v 3rd.

All matches count towards overall 2023 Academy ranking.

Win = 3pts, Draw = 2pts, Loss = 1pt, Frame won = 1pt

Dazza Weetman119115484
Andy Beal97204267
Gareth White87014062
Owen Fox103342645
Omkar Chimbaikar102352037
Jordan Lee7007916
Ian McAlister2101610
James Gray4013510
Max Burt110069
Jay Ranavaya110058
Sarosh Patel110047
Rob Newman300325
Phil Gooriah300314
Oli Donnelly200213
Colm Donnelly100101

2022 Academy Champion

Dennis Taylor Paul Morrison Steve Devis

2022 Trophy winner

Regular tournaments help to build our community spirit
Andy "Bruce" Beal
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