2022/23 Academy ladder

£10 entry fee per player

Best of 5 frames: Win = 3pts, Loss = 1pt, Frame won = 1pt

All matches to be played before 28th February 2023

Academy ladder with academy logo

Ladder rules

One match per month minimum.

Challenge any one of the three players immediately above you.

If you’re in the top three challenge the player directly above you.

If you lose you drop one place.

If you win you swap places with the player you beat.

Drop 15 places if you don’t play a ladder match in the month.


Winner: Trophy and £125

Runner-up: Trophy and £75

Third place: Trophy and £60

Fourth place: Trophy and £40

2022 Ladder
Huw Batts
David Hodgetts
Billy Kikidis
James Gray
Andy Beal
Farhaan Hatimi
Olly Donnelly
Dean Jorgensen
Steve Kent
Sarosh Patel
Aaron Privett
Des Osborne
Stephen Northwood
Ben Harris
Robson Stender
Simon Knowles
Neeraj Malhotra
Brett Warner
Colm Donnelly
Archie Wells
George Kikidis
Oscar Peace
Jamie Latham
Sara Donnelly
Ady Read
Michael Kersey
Paul Morrison
Omkar Chimbaikar
Jay Ranavaya
Rob Newman
Gareth White

2022/23 Ladder winner

Jack Lisowski Winner

2022 Academy Champion

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2022 Trophy winner

Andy Beal 2
Andy "Bruce" Beal

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All-time Results table