To play better snooker,
you need a better club.

It’s hard to become the player you want to be if you’re always playing on an unloved table with a poor quality cloth.

And we know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re not improving much, no matter how often you play.

That’s why we opened Surrey Snooker Academy, now located in Cobham. Because we believe that snooker-lovers deserve the same, high standards that sports like golf enjoy, and that they improve when they find them.

So, let us help you improve your game on the best tables, with the finest cloth, and professional coaching from former tour player, Brian Cox and 128-break player, Gareth White.

Many club players never make more than a 30 break. Don’t let that be you.

Come down to West Byfleet for a free frame, sign-up for a no-obligation 1 month trial membership and book a lesson with our coach.

We’ll help you become the player you know you are capable of being; one that earns the respect of other players by showing that they know their way around the table and by the way they play the game.

The right facilities and equipment will make a big difference to your performance. 

Learn why our heated tables, Strachan no. 10 Championship cloth and Aramith 1g Tournament Champion balls will improve your results.

You can also take your game to the next level with some professional coaching.

Let our coach and former tour player, Brian Cox, analyse your game and help you improve, or take some guided practice with 128-break player, Gareth White. 

We provide what club snooker players
need to reach a higher level

Let us help you develop your game in the kind of welcoming, inclusive surroundings where you can relax and concentrate on your skills.

We believe that snooker-lovers should benefit from a strong set of sporting values and an encouraging community spirit. You can find our values here:

What the professionals say about us:

A massive thank you to Gareth and Brian for the fantastic practice facilities at Surrey Snooker Academy in West Byfleet. Check it out, such a great set up!

Jimmy White MBE in Surrey Snooker Academy

Without doubt, the best table I've ever done an exhibition on. Get down and check this place out.


Awesome venue for exhibitions. Table was best I've played on with new no. 10 cloth and heated. You can't get better imho.

Event at the Surrey Snooker Academy

Our vision:

Is to build a snooker venue fit for the 21st century

Our mission:

Is to bring together a family of snooker-lovers and provide them with everything they need to improve their game, in an environment in which they can flourish.

Our hosts

The Surrey Snooker Academy is hosted by the Cobham Village Club. Access to the Academy is possible through our own security-coded door at the side of the premises or via the club’s main bar during opening hours.

Membership of the Surrey Snooker Academy automatically confers membership of the social club for those over 18.

Click on the logo below for more information about the Cobham Village Club:


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Hi. I’m Gareth, one of the founders of Surrey Snooker Academy.

Just pop your name and email address and/or phone number in the form below. Use the message field if you’ve already got an idea of when you would like to visit.

I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to sort out your free taster session.

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